3D in higher education

3D is quite a popular (and not new) concept in cinematography. How 3D can be used in higher education? Possibilities might be endless: 3D images and video, 3D scanning and printing, 3D simulations, 3D virtual worlds, 3D games, etc. How can we use it for learning and teaching?

Let’s start exploring 3D printing and 3D content usage for instructional purposes in anatomy, medicine, engineering.


Using Metta (free multimedia tool) to create digital learning content

Try Metta yourself and/or encourage your students to create multimedia presentations with audio, video, and still images! Want to know more and see examples? Visit http://www.emergingedtech.com/2013/10/create-digital-learning-content-easily-combining-parts-one-more-videos-with-images-text-audio-using-metta/ or go directly to Metta (www.metta.io).



Video in teaching and learning

Using video in learning and teaching proved to be an effective activity in many disciplines. You can record your own videos or use the  ones done by others. YouTube, Khan Academy, and TED might be among the most popular ones used by students and faculty.

But there are more video resources available! Please browse http://www.freetech4teachers.com/2010/09/47-alternatives-to-using-youtube-in.html#.Umop0_mnqfA and see what fits the best for your teaching style, subject area, student learning style, etc. Happy viewing!


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Dina Vyortkina