So, what is backchanneling? In simple terms it is online conversation generated by the audience using different social media tools (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, etc.) or even Moodle chat feature, which is happening simultaneously with the live lecture or conference presentation. Multiple benefits to students were reported, to include  but not be limited to increased focus, collaborative note taking, initiating academic discourse, being more active during class discussions, etc.  Want to learn more about backchanneling in higher education? Please access my diigo collection.

New Turnitin Report

Turnitin did a study and published a report a couple of days ago. Of course reporting a booming business, huge efficacy, and all possible benefits for educators and students… The company is leading on the market, especially in US.  We do have Turnitin in the University and use it quite effectively. Want to know more about Turnitin? Please access these resources, attend our training, and use all resources and strategies possible to combat academic dishonesty and teach students to be good writers and ethical researchers.

Data Privacy Month

Data Privacy Month is Jan 28-Feb 28. It is our responsibility to promote good digital citizenship, raise awareness of our students and colleagues, and introduce good practices in our growing University in terms of student records, our own webpresence, financial, health,  and research records. I collected some resources and made them available at  my diigo collection. “Respecting Privacy, Safeguarding Data, Enabling Trust” is this month motto!