Quizzes with video

There are some tools available that allow embedded videos  in assessment. Zaption (see the FT4T post) seems to offer a great option: students watch a video and answer questions not after the entire clip is done but right there, during certain moments that you predetermine.  As an instructor, you need to have an account (free and paid options available). Students do not have to have an account to take the quiz. Check it out!

Learning space we need

We are to nurture and graduate students who are collaborators, good team players, and effective communicators. These skills are not just personal traits. They need to be taught and practiced. And not just as a one time workshop, but  as part of the regular curriculum t the university. There are some good examples of this happening at University Wisconsin Madison. Another example was just published by Campus Technology. Do not pay attention  at the fact that they describe a law school. The idea is easily implementable at any university. Let’s dream!!!

To see other resources on modern learning spaces, please visit my diigo collection.