New Instructional Design for New Instructional Technology

Though the contributors in this book are not all higher education people, their advice is till relevant for any learning organization.

In this eBook 21 learning professionals who have successfully melded new instructional design with new instructional technologies give us their best tips. Regardless of what technologies you’re using currently, you’re bound to find tips that will help you design more effectively for those technologies. The 84 tips cover topics including:

  • Putting learning goals and needs before technology
  • Planning for and managing new instructional technology
  • Developing with and blending instructional technologies
  • Leveraging instructional technology for language learning
  • Learning games and gamification
  • Driving learning with graphic novels
  • Making learning mobile
  • Using MOOCs
  • Sharing learning-technology expertise”


P.S. The file is about 8MB, so please be patient with download.

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