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October is cybersafety month at US

Cyberattacks are an ever-increasing threat to every university world-wide. In the past year, many universities have been victims of successful cyberattacks and compromises that have cost them millions of dollars.

October  is the IS National Cyber Security Awareness Month and it will be great to have some awareness campaign to educate campus on safe cybersecurity practices.  Ensuring cybersecurity and privacy is a shared responsibility. We all must work together to build a safe and secure cyberspace at NU.  Please note we will be participating in the World Safer Internet day on February 15, 2015!


Watch out, GG!

Sony has announced that it is releasing a wearable computer similar to Google Glass and it anticipates releasing the product commercially by March. Sony’s SmartEyeglass will feature a single holographic display screen mounted on a translucent lens directly in the wearer’s field of vision and will integrate with Android devices. More