Newer studies say online instruction neither harms nor benefits the average university student

See a new report published by a non-profit research and consulting organization “Online Learning in Postsecondary Education: A Review of the Empirical Literature (2013–2014)” on March 11, 2015.

As you can see, data collection for the report itself is somewhat controversial… So, the finding are bound to be…

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Free webinars on QA in Online and Open Education

In the framework of the SEQUENT project on Supporting Quality in e-learning European Networks, EADTU is organizing a series of webinars. The online sessions are covering the E-xcellence and OpenupEd quality labels on On-line and Open Education (MOOCs). The first session was very successful and can be watched here:

These sessions will be held on:

23 March 2015 (14.00 CET) Online Session 2 Chapter 2 & 3 – Curriculum & course design
24 April 2015 (11.00 CET) Online Session 3 Chapter 5 & 6 – Staff & student support
13 May 2015 (11.00 CET) Online Session 4 OpenupEd – Quality label & benchmarks

The E-xcellence manual can be downloaded for free here

In case you are interested in joining the SEQUENT webinar(s), please send an e-mail  too for which sessions you want to take part.

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