Color in the Learning Environment

Study after study concludes that there is direct correlation between the physical characteristics of the learning environment and educational outcomes. The use of color in school design is an element that affects more than the aesthetics of the building. Researchers have long known that color affects the performance, emotions and the behavior of students within their physical learning environment.” More here.

A guide to virtual education data

“The National Forum on Education Statistics has created a guide to elementary and secondary virtual education data. The term “virtual education” may include, but is not limited to, digital learning, distributed learning, open learning, online learning, computer-based learning, distance learning, blended learning, and other similar terms.In the document, a Virtual Education Working Group provides recommendations for collecting accurate, comparable, and useful data about virtual education. The guide also provides real-world examples and common practices implemented by state departments, local districts, and schools to modify their data systems and add elements that better reflect the needs unique to virtual education.

The guide was developed to assist state and local education agencies and other education stakeholders, such as policymakers and researchers, as they 1) consider the impact of virtual education on established data elements and methods of data collection, and 2) address the scope of changes, the rapid pace of new technology development, and the proliferation of resources in virtual education.”

Report outlines best practices for college credential programs

“A common credentialing system that is scaleable, centered on student learning and equitable is needed to ensure that students learn the workforce skills they need, according to a report from Lumina Foundation. The report also recommends five areas for colleges to focus on to produce the best credential programs.” More here.

Connecting Credentials website will provide more detailed info.