How do you deal with deadlines for student work and late assignments?

No, nobody likes stress. Nobody likes deadlines. But they are part of life, time management skills, and an important elements of other systems to work (grades, graduation, stipend allocation, etc.).  This article form the Chronicle calls to ditch the deadlines.

What are your thoughts about this? How do you handle late assignments? Is there a statement about it in your syllabus?


Flipping Large Classes: Three Strategies to Engage Students

Thinking about flipping your course? Thinking of making it better?

We have a variety of resources available for you to browse here. This is a new one from Faculty Focus (make you subscribe to it) offering the following strategies:

Employ a “Six Thinking Hats”  approach to guide and focus students’ thinking, expand their perspectives, and generate creative approaches to solving problems”.

Use a  “paired jigsaw” technique  to engage students.

Do a creative combination of both!

Happy teaching

Moving the search for ‘excellent’ teaching to ‘exemplary’

An interesting publication about quality teaching. “Developing and sharing best practices in teaching, and then showcasing the best individual implementation of those practices, is the ideal way to ensure common standards of performance while allowing students the best chance at course mastery and personal development. “. More here.

Let’s have  a showcase in 2017 sharing our best practices. Start generating ideas now.


Edtech field studies yield mixed results, analysis shows

“An analysis of three recent studies of technology use in education found mixed results, with some of the studies’ research revealing negative effects of technology on student learning. The findings from these studies offer three takeaways for schools, according to the research review.” More here. I am somewhat skeptical about study designs and their findings, but it is interesting to review the results anyway.