Free MOOC on Blended Learning (Feb 27-May 22)

From Campus Technologies:

University of Central Florida (UCF) and Educause have re-launched a no-cost massive open online course (MOOC) that offers facilitated assistance to faculty members and instructional designers who want to develop blended courses. It is the 5th round of this course.

BlendKit2017: Becoming a Blended Learning Designer, hosted on Instructure‘s Canvas Network, will be facilitated by Sue Bauer and Baiyun Chen, instructional designers at UCF’s Center for Distributed Learning. Throughout the five-week course, participants will explore key issues related to blended learning and best practices. They will also receive step-by-step guidance on developing design documents, creating content pages and other materials needed for a blended course.

The MOOC includes:

  • Practical step-by-step “how to” guides;
  • Assessment and critique on design work from course experts and peers;
  • Blogging and social networking opportunities; and
  • Weekly webinars with guest presenters.

BlendKit2017 runs Feb. 27 to May 22. The course is free, but students can choose to participate in the $89 certification track to have their portfolios reviewed (this is optional!). The track includes a certificate and digital badge from UCF and Educause.


10 Different Approaches to Creating Digital Learning Content

Very useful post form EmergingEdTech! Check them out and use in your teaching.

  1. The perennially popular technique of screencasting
  2. Narrating over PowerPoint
  3. The low-tech FIZZ method
  4. The web app mysimpleshow
  5. The high tech (but probably not as challenging as you might think) approach of using a light board
  6. The use of Blendspace as a tool for assembling digital content for flipped or blended lessons
  7. The powerful platform
  8. In our last post, we discussed the use of the Learning Management or Course Management system as a vehicle for flipped or blended lessons
  9. EdPuzzle (you can insert questions into any video!)
  10. Illustrated, Hand-Drawn Notes