Strategies to Help Students ‘Go Deep’ When Reading Digitally

More and more students read digital (rather than hard copies of printed text). Research shows that a level of comprehension and techniques are different, and thus, students need to be taught on how to read deeply the digital text.  See more in this article and inform your students. Please also note changes in teaching that might be required to support student writing and discussion.

How does language learning affect the brain?

Students at NU speak several languages (e.g., Kazakh, English, Russian, and possibly some other languages they learnt at secondary schools or in their families).  But how does language affect the brain?  The study says that people who are bilingual have longer attention spans and a better ability to focus (according to researchers from the UK’s University of Birmingham). Researchers performed tests on a group of people who spoke only English and another group who since an early age have spoken English and Chinese.  Read more about this study here.