Happy new semester and happy new class!

We knew long time ago that positive environment is contributing to better learning. Faculty Focus shares some strategies on how to make your classroom a more positive one, be happier, and help students to be more engaged in learning. In brief:

  • Develop a “positive” syllabus or course outline
  • Focus on student strengths
  • Teach students about mindfulness
  • Build intrinsic motivation
  • Encourage a growth mindset
  • Practice gratitude

Happy new semester!

Framing Classroom Incivility

How can faculty members and TAs respond to inappropriate behaviors without escalating the situation? How can they use insensitive comments as teachable moments effectively? In what ways can they protect themselves from student incivility? From where/whom can they find support for addressing student incivility? They are all sensitive topics. Read more on the subject here. What are your strategies?

How do you deal with deadlines for student work and late assignments?

No, nobody likes stress. Nobody likes deadlines. But they are part of life, time management skills, and an important elements of other systems to work (grades, graduation, stipend allocation, etc.).  This article form the Chronicle calls to ditch the deadlines.

What are your thoughts about this? How do you handle late assignments? Is there a statement about it in your syllabus?