Please sign NU Cyber Security Pledge

Dear Nazarbayev University students, staff, and faculty,

On Feb. 9 we will be joining people in more than 100 countries to celebrate the World safer Internet Day.  To mark our participation in the event, let’s make a commitment to online safety and support international efforts to promote good cyber security and responsible online behavior.

Please join others world-wide and sign the Cyber Security Pledge!

By signing this pledge, I agree to:

  • Take personal responsibility for security and use good security practices.
  • Pause and consider the risk before I connect to Internet resources.
  • Lock my computer whenever I leave my work or study area.
  • Protect my mobile device by activating security features such as password and anti-lock, anti-virus software, and remote wipe.
  • Use strong passwords and create a separate password for each account.
  • Never share my password with anyone.
  • Follow NU’s policy and promptly report all security incidents or concerns to IT HelpDesk.
  • Safeguard sensitive data from any inappropriate disclosure.
  • Never use offensive language in any online communication.
  • Not post personal, sensitive, or non-public information on social media.
  • Raise awareness of good security practices among my family, friends, colleagues, and community.
  • Watch my digital footprint: build and maintain a positive professional online image.

Please sign here.

October is cybersafety month at US

Cyberattacks are an ever-increasing threat to every university world-wide. In the past year, many universities have been victims of successful cyberattacks and compromises that have cost them millions of dollars.

October  is the IS National Cyber Security Awareness Month and it will be great to have some awareness campaign to educate campus on safe cybersecurity practices.  Ensuring cybersecurity and privacy is a shared responsibility. We all must work together to build a safe and secure cyberspace at NU.  Please note we will be participating in the World Safer Internet day on February 15, 2015!


Safer Internet Day 2014

February 11, 2014 the world community will celebrate Safer Internet Day. The theme for this year is: “Let’s create a better internet together”.  I believe NU community needs to participate proactively!  Want to know how to get started??? Of course with the diigo collection... We have several months for organizing workshops and events. Ideas? Suggestions? Please contact me.