Google: good, bad, and the ugly

Google had quite an eventful month: releasing new way of running the apps, announcing a new LMS (called Classroom; which might be more suitable for secondary education), and getting a court decision requiring Googe to “remove links that might be damaging to someone’s reputation (effectively allowing people to erase their records), unless there’s a compelling reason not to — even if the pages the links point to are perfectly legal, and need not themselves be removed.”

More in this post.

Creating Google Scholar alerts

We use Google for email, calendar, videochats, etc. Have you tried to use Google for research purposes? You might want to share the tips on how to add Google Scholar alerts with your students as well.

Google Scholar provided access to many scholarly works in a variety formats and from many publishers, societies, clearing houses. It has publications in several languages. Here is a pretty impressive listing in English. Give it a try!