Study: Open Educational Resources and Market Growth

Are you aware of any OER in your discipline? If not, time to explore and consider using Open Education Resources (OER) with your students. According to a new study, many faculty are still not aware of any OER. “Open educational resources could make up 12 percent of the market for textbooks and other course materials and 19 percent of supplemental materials within five years, according to a survey of OER users, traditional textbook users and industry experts conducted by Cengage Learning. ”

Let’s see what’s available! Please review other resources on OER I have in Diigo.

Where Open Textbooks Are Used

I hope you have a chance to explore other OER publications I have on my diigo collection. This article states that educators did not fully embrace the OER concept and often are not even aware of them.

Only 6.6 percent of faculty members are “very aware” of open educational resources, a survey found, and many say they can’t locate such materials in their disciplines, although their use in introductory courses is on the rise. Are you among the 6.6?

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OpenEd Assesses ‘Most Effective’ Online Learning Resources

We might keep this in mind when creating video resources for our students.

“Animated flashcards and sub-two-minute videos turn out to be the most effective online resources for K-12 against all other common options. That’s the finding determined by OpenEd, which recently studied the data generated from the results of assessments given to students who used its free online resources for educational purposes.” See more here.

2 min videos.