The 2016 Digital Study Trends Survey

According to the 2016 Digital Study Trends Survey, an annual survey of students (in 2016 there were 3,311 students, ranging from freshmen to PhDs) about 22 % of students said smartphones and other mobile devices are “extremely important” to studying (in 2014 there were only 13%). Other findings:

  • A majority of students said technology makes studying more accessible (82%), helps them earn better grades (81 percent) and improves their focus (62%).
  • Cost remains a barrier to technology use. About 39% said they would buy technology not required for a course, even if it was recommended.
  • The laptop remains a #1 device for studying; 90% of students said the device is extremely or very helpful, easily “beating” professors and teaching assistants (72%), textbooks (67 %), and learning management systems (63%). The full report is available here.