Create Video Lessons in Minutes by Annotating Screen Captures with this Free Windows App

From Practical EdTech:

“Microsoft appears to have taken a page from Google’s playbook, encouraging employees to “turn their wild ideas into real projects” and calling the effort Microsoft Garage. One of the results of this initiative is the new “Snip” tool for Windows. Snip is a screen capture and annotation tool (or just a ‘whiteboard’ if you want it). It makes it really easy to create instructional videos by writing or drawing on a screen ‘snip’ and saving the resulting video as an MP4 file”. Read the full article.


I met with many people for the past several weeks. All are genuinely interested in supporting students in and outside of the classroom. One of the effective (and low cost) solutions might be creating screencasts (a digital recording of one’s computer screen (with or without audio narration)). Potential uses are endless: give a course orientation (or just a topic), guide on how to use a software or course site, provide guidance and feedback on the homework assignment, share content, etc.

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