Quizzes with video

There are some tools available that allow embedded videos  in assessment. Zaption (see the FT4T post) seems to offer a great option: students watch a video and answer questions not after the entire clip is done but right there, during certain moments that you predetermine.  As an instructor, you need to have an account (free and paid options available). Students do not have to have an account to take the quiz. Check it out!


I met with many people for the past several weeks. All are genuinely interested in supporting students in and outside of the classroom. One of the effective (and low cost) solutions might be creating screencasts (a digital recording of one’s computer screen (with or without audio narration)). Potential uses are endless: give a course orientation (or just a topic), guide on how to use a software or course site, provide guidance and feedback on the homework assignment, share content, etc.

Want to learn more and find out why and how? Proceed here!

Video in teaching and learning

Using video in learning and teaching proved to be an effective activity in many disciplines. You can record your own videos or use the  ones done by others. YouTube, Khan Academy, and TED might be among the most popular ones used by students and faculty.

But there are more video resources available! Please browse http://www.freetech4teachers.com/2010/09/47-alternatives-to-using-youtube-in.html#.Umop0_mnqfA and see what fits the best for your teaching style, subject area, student learning style, etc. Happy viewing!