New Technology Allows Breakout Sessions for Large Online Video Classes

Zoom, a company that provides colleges and universities with videoconferencing technology, is now offering a product that allows large online video classes to hold breakout sessions in which smaller groups of students can interact with one another.

Using the company’s software-defined videoconferencing technology, Zoom will now provide video breakout rooms to all Zoom users, including those with free accounts.

Company officials said Zoom Breakout Rooms solve the problem of not having enough interaction among students in large online video classes.”

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Videoconferencing in instruction

We are lucky to have great videoconferencing facilities at NU. Even if your classroom is not equipped as a videoconferencing studio, simple webcam will do the trick! So, how can you use videoconferencing for instructional purposes? Possibilities are endless: connect with the experts in the field, have a virtual field trip, provide opportunities for your students to work on collaborative projects with students in other universities and in other countries, conduct a class while you are travelling, etc., etc., etc.  And you can check my diigo collection for more ideas and tips.