10 Different Approaches to Creating Digital Learning Content

Very useful post form EmergingEdTech! Check them out and use in your teaching.

  1. The perennially popular technique of screencasting
  2. Narrating over PowerPoint
  3. The low-tech FIZZ method
  4. The web app mysimpleshow
  5. The high tech (but probably not as challenging as you might think) approach of using a light board
  6. The use of Blendspace as a tool for assembling digital content for flipped or blended lessons
  7. The powerful ed.ted.com platform
  8. In our last post, we discussed the use of the Learning Management or Course Management system as a vehicle for flipped or blended lessons
  9. EdPuzzle (you can insert questions into any video!)
  10. Illustrated, Hand-Drawn Notes

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